Extreme Temperature and Harsh Environment Semiconductor Solutions

  • High temperature, standard and custom semiconductor solutions, for signal conditioning, power management and conversion
  • Ranges include linear voltage regulators, DC-DC convertors, gate & motor drivers, amplifiers and timers
  • Guaranteed for normal operation up to +225°C (CHT models)
  • Extended lifetimes of 5 years at +225°C (15 years at +175°C)

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Cissoid CHT-BG3M Series

The Polaris CHT-BG3M high temperature voltage reference series from Cissoid offers a voltage reference range between 2.5V and 12V. These voltage references are compatible with high temperature environments with a typical operation temperature range from -55°C to +225°C. The CHT-BG3M series from Cissoid has a minimum dropout voltage of 1.5V with a load current lower than 1mA and 2.5V at 3mA load current (for CHT-BG3M-025, min dropout is 2V ..