RdF 20101 Series

RdF 20101 Series

The 20101 butt bonded foil type E (Chromel/Constantan) thermocouple temperature sensor series from RdF offer high performance and are ideal for demanding applications. These surface thermocouples provide an accuracy of ±1.7°C or ±0.5% with a fast response time of 0.5s (ungrounded) and 0.25s (grounded) for the sensor to reach 63.2% of a change in mounting surface temperature. This type E thermocouple offers an operating temperature range of -200°C up to +900°C. The 20101 series from RDF utilises butt bonding which produces thermocouples with no increase in thickness or mass at the junction. This offers a micro-foil® thickness of 0.0128mm (0.0005"). The sensors have a removable Kapton® frame for bare foil application.

  • Butt bonded foil thermocouple
  • Type E (Chromel/Constantan)
  • Accuracy of ±1.7°C or ±0.5%
  • Operating temperature range -200°C up to +900°C
  • Operating current of 0.5mA
  • Micro-foil® thickness of 0.0128mm (0.0005")
  • Response time of 0.5s (ungrounded) and 0.25s (grounded) for the sensor to reach 63.2% of a change in mounting surface temperature
  • Insulation resistance of 50MΩ minimum at 50 VDC in ungrounded junction TCs
  • Lead wires are dot colour coded ribbon leads
  • Standard lead length 6", additional lengths available upon request
  • Removable Kapton® case material for bare foil applications
Accuracy ±1.7°C or ±0.5%
Additional Features
  • Butt bonded foil thermocouple
  • Micro-foil® thickness of 0.0128mm (0.0005")
  • Insulation resistance of 50MΩ at 50VDC in Ungrounded junction TCs
  • 2 wire configuration
  • Removable Kapton® frame for bare foil applications
  • Standard lead length of 6", additional lengths available on request
Operating Current 0.5mA
Operating Temperature −200°C to +900°C
Package/Size Leaded surface sensor
Response Time
  • 0.25s (grounded)
  • 0.5s (ungrounded)
Thermocouple Type E (Chromel/Constantan)

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PDF Document RdF 20100, 20101 and 20102 series butt bonded micro-foil® thermocouple datasheet
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PDF Document RdF understanding contact temperature sensors

Below is an example of the part number break down for the RdF 20100, 20101 and 20102 series:

bp Series Part Number Example

This product is available fully compliant to the RoHS EU directive 2011/65/EU.

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